NSE Software has joined forces with NetZ computing LTD in providing the most powerful solution to the rising Virus problem in the computer world.

Since Macro Viruses are now a major threat, InVircible poses the best solution for this type of viruses. Since InVircible is generic it is able to deal with al viruses in the same way. For this reason InVircible was the only Virus protection system that detected the Melissa Virus as it appeared, and prevented it's users from getting infected.

Happy-99 is also a risk today, a risk that InVircible eliminates in a blink of an eye. InVircible deals with all PE infectors (windows 32bit viruses) in a single routine. It will deny any such virus from accessing your computer and from infecting your files. Old or new, InVircible is the only thing between you and a massive infection of your computer.

Everyone know what FireWalls are. They also know that a FireWall is good only for large organizations, and cost a lot! But this is no longer true.

Some viruses like Happy-99 and Melissa that caused the recent panic in the world are going through fire walls.

Except for that: some of the users has experienced "strange" behaviors of the computer after "chatting" for a while on the Internet. CD-tray opens by itself, "nukes" send your computer sky-high and disconnects you from the session, trashed directories and files, and computers that give away your identity and list of software that you are using to some unknown third parties are all signs of trouble that requires a Personal FireWall!

This product protects NT servers and workstations and windows 95/98 platforms against hacking, leeks of data, Data stealing, intruders, nukes, malicious code and Java scripts, Internet viruses, and more.

Unlike traditional FireWalls, this product is very easy to use and install, it uses generic technology to scan the contents of transported information and provides protection in the contents level as well as IP addressing level.

And in the bottom line it is affordable for any user.


Technology: Over 10 years of experience in programming and software engineering. NSE develops and supports leading Virus-Protection technology, embedded in InVircible and the late ViGUARD and V-CARE. These Virus-Protection products are the only proven ones in the world - capable of detecting, removing and learning new and unknown viruses, based on the same technology, NSE is now in the last stages of releasing a new "Personal FireWall". that will be available within the next couple of months.