The Multimedia division has initiated its activity in 1994 and has released its first title a short 6 month after that.

First Title

The first title was an Edutanment CD called 3D PC Explorer, which is a virtual voyage into the Personal Computer's innerworld.

The whole trip is based on an advanced PC course given for several years to the world leading computer industry, that is popularized into a simple text-free (all is spoken) adventure that fits a wide range of users: kids to experienced computer experts as one.

Graphics Style

Most of the graphics on our Titles is based on a pseudo realistic environments, done to give the players a comfortable and intuitive surrounding, rich in symbolism and user friendly.

The look and feel of our titles is always up to date, designed with the cutting edge technology and optimized for the widest range of users possible.

Title Style

The choice of Title construction is done after considerable market research and inquiring to ensure the finale product is un compromised in any way.

What we do best is educational gaming , CBT and recreational applications with added educational value.


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