NSE Software develops software for the PC in all common platforms. Software is written in C, C++. Delphi (Pascal) in all versions, Assembler, Java, and more.

NSE is doing 3ed party software for applications, consults on programming issues, provides out-sourcing for projects of all kind.

Advanced algorithm development is a substantial part of NSE's activities in the R&D field of programming, and so several algorithms are already patented or in the process of registration.

NSE has a very long experience in the Data Security field that leads to special expertise in this field. Thus NSE is a conceptor of Virus protection software such as InVircible, ViGUARD, V-care and others and an inspiration of some other Anti-Virus software protection schemes.

Methods in creating applications in NSE:

This leads to development of PC software of very high reliability. Our approach in creating a new application is based of a learning stage in which the problem is assessed and data is collected from a variety of users of different types. Then an analysis of the data is performed and the characteristics of the needs of the application are established. In the next stage a prototype is created and tested on the widest possible range of users to gather the reactions and productibility of the features of the application. Special methods were developed during the years of experience NSE is in the job, to allow the distinction of the real needs of the user.

All NSE products has got nothing but excellent marks in any evaluation done by now.