Trivia Plus

Trivia Plus is a 3 game package including Trivia Game, Articula and Lingo, suitable for age 6 to 70.

Just another word game package?

Definitely NOT!


First there is the user interface, friendly, rich, calm and good looking.
Then there is the database, with its well over 2000 values.
And then... the big bonus: each value includes detailed description, so you not only guess the answer, you also learn some facts about the answer.



The above mentioned about the trivia game is true for the Articula game just as well.
Articula mixes your skills and knowledge with a factor of luck!
Each turn starts with the turn of a "Wheel of Fortune", which puts another element of interest to the course of the game.
The goal of the game is to reveal a phrase (with a short hint) from a category definition. You should try to win as many points as you can, so you might want to take some risks. But beware! each spin of the wheel increases your chance of going completely bankrupt!



This is a well known game worldwide. Just like Mastermind with letters instead of digits.
The goal of the game is to reveal a 5 characters word, by guessing the missing characters. 
You are given 5 chances to discover the word in a two player's game, or 10 chances in a single player game.
For each try, you need to type in all five letters and guess the correct sequence of the letters based on the previous attempts.

In all games you can play against the computer or against another player. This makes it a great game for the family (excellent on rainy days, over a cup of hot chocolate), you may use the mouse or keyboard, and if stress is your cup of tee: run against a time limit. Just hang on to your chair, and be careful not to go haywire!