Cash flow

No more notes on your fridge, or screen!

For office and for home use:
The Cash flow Manager is extremely useful for small and medium business management, as well as for home and family use in much the same way. In business environment the program will immediately show any exaggerated expenses, assist in forward planning of budgets and payments, control credit cards expenses, and show critical cash flow gaps. In the home environment it will do much of the same, plus it will offer the easy and immediate control over all that cash spent in everyday life.
Simple to use:
Cash flow Manager is completely intuitive. It requires no explanation, and is practically self-explanatory. You may start using it immediately and enjoy the benefits of the program without delay. It will complete names and details of new transactions, guess your intention, fill in periodical transactions to save you the repeated typing and much more.
Report wizards for report building:
Creating reports is a main feature of the product. A simple step by step wizard does most of the work for you, just select and click 'next'. There are 4 types of report embedded in the product: Cash flow, trends, income vs. expense, and total balance reports, including comparison of periods. The reports are printable and include graphs, and details of each report item.
Tracking the bank transactions:
The program keeps track of the bank transactions, so that you can always tell when a specific transaction has been completed, or is still due. This lets you keep track in real-time over the actual account status, and avoid an unexpected overdraft. Moreover, when you fill in the true (as specified by the bank) current account status, the program will calculate the difference from the data entered to it's database, and point out any difference that is detected so you know something was forgotten.
Saves money:
By using this program, you immediately see all large expenses popping up on the 'income vs. expense' report. It shows you the distribution of expenses as you go on filling in new transactions, and keeps you informed of due payments (that will otherwise put you in a deficit) so you never loose any money over unattended transactions and needless interest.
Puts your money in order:
The program makes money management easy, everything is visible, easy to see and interpret, and immediate. It allows forward planning, trial of scenarios, and testing assumptions. You easily see what your biggest expenses are about, and where can you save - what. Crystal clear reports show you the abnormalities, peeks, and drawbacks of your accounts.

Produce checks:

The program produces cheques, and in doing so, automatically includes a produced check in the transaction database. In a cheque all you have to do is to write the amount in numbers, and the program does the rest. A database of people you produce cheques to, is maintained by the program, and the next cheque becomes easier to produce.