About Us

General: NSE Software is a MultiDiciplinar software-house developing Software for a very wide range of fields. NSE also consults hi-tech organizations and other software and hardware companies, and doing 3ed party projects for those customers and others. NSE invents and develops software and algorithms, deals with R&D of issues in the software field, Teaches in the hi-tech fields of Data security, PC programming, software development and engineering, Networking and communications, Y2k adaptations, and Multimedia authoring. NSE exports it's products worldwide.

Technology: Over 10 years of experience in programming and software engineering. NSE develops and supports leading Virus-Protection technology, embedded in InVircible and the late ViGUARD and V-CARE. These Virus-Protection products are the only proven ones in the world - capable of detecting, removing and learning new and unknown viruses, based on the same technology, NSE is now in the last stages of releasing a new "Personal FireWall". that will be available within the next couple of months.

Y2K adaptations: NSE represents Living Impact Holland, an owner of a worldwide patent for rapid Year 2000 adaptations for medium to large platforms. These adaptations can be made within 8 weeks (compared to 7 months in traditional ways) or even faster. Adaptations are primarily done for Cobol and RPG, and now also for other common languages for these environments. ( See more here)

Programming: NSE specialized in the data security field for PCs and networks. On the edge of technology, NSE Develops software in all PC languages. Applications services and drivers for: DOS, Windows, Windows-NT, Windows-95/98, Novell NetWare (NLM), OS/2 and other platforms.

Multimedia, Internet, and Applications: NSE also creates and develops multimedia titles, and multimedia applications such as "3D PC Explorer" (3d exploration of the PC internal structure and functions), "Articula" (3 word games). As for applications NSE has created a financial program for home and business use - Cash 2000 (cash flow management), "Phone Book 2000" (telephone database manager for home and business use) and Diary 2000 (a scheduler and meeting diary). NSE also develop Internet/intranet applications, designs sites and web pages, and complex Internet/intranet utilities. ( See more here)

Embedded Software: NSE also specialize in software development for microprocessor based specific electronic systems. NSE has developed several test devices, electronic devices and wrote the software for some controller cards for domestic, military, commercial, and general use.