This Multimedia title was created out of the need of people to understand the essence of computer basics. Most adult people, who were not born into this computerized era, are suffering from what is referred to as “computer phobia”. 3D PC Explorer is a CD title class of the edutaintment aimed at PC beginners as well as experienced users.


Target Users:

"3D PC Explorer" is aimed at a very wide range of users: A child could learn about the PC in minutes and understand the way it works in general, know it's components and parts, and understand the common terms like: 'resolution', 'Color Depth', 'CPU', 'DMA', 'cache' and much more. In the same manner, an adult, (even a computer expert) will find inclusive data on the way the most inner parts of the PC work: the DMA, Cache, CPU, I/O Cards, and even the components of the Hard Disk.


General description:

"3D PC Explorer" was created by Amir Netiv, a well-known computer expert based on a very successful 'advanced PC' course that he is giving for several years. Based on the experience that was gathered during these years the didactic approach was implemented into the software, to match a very wide range of user demands and capabilities.

This is a multimedia title, of the 'edutanment' family of software. It is dealing with the internal looks and behavior of a PC in terms of functionality and features. It exposes using a unique 3D view, all the interesting parts of a PC with animated examples of its action and a vocal explanation.

Special attention was given to ‘non-textual’ usage of the program. There is literally NO TEXT written in the program, and where some exists: it is only used as an accelerator for experienced users. EVERYTHING is vocalized so that even very young kids are able to use it (long before they know how to read). Tests were made to assure that children are satisfied with using the program while adults suffer NO REDUCTION in accessibility.

This is the first time a PC is explored from right inside your virtual room, in an authentic virtual environment. You just click on the interesting item, and go inside it for enlightenment.

User’s manual and operation instructions are totally worthless for using this software! It is completely intuitive!


Usage objectives:

The software is recommended for with PC users of all types. It can be used as a supplement for computer courses materials, a basic instruction tool, a leisure time educational toy, or any other way.

It is very simple to use, you go just as deep as you like, you can go backwards or somewhere else - without having to wait for sounds and animation to end. Depending on the type of user you are, you can explore the PC to any depth.

The product is recommended for the educational system (school to university), It is ideal for bundling with hardware and other software. Or as an ‘over the counter’ sales type of product of the educational/Entertainment line.

Baring in mind that many adult users suffer from a ‘PC-phobia’ (driven by the lack of knowledge on PC built and behavior), thinking they might break something in the process of using it... This software was created to provides a convenient getaway route, since it allows you to explore the PC in such a manner that nothing can be broken.


Available Languages

Currently the available versions are in English, German and Hebrew. Japanese and French versions are under production.

Take a look at these Screen Shots or go to the Order area to get this great game (Available languages are: English, Hebrew and German).