NSE Home page

NSE Software is a MultiDiciplinar software-house developing Software for a very wide range of fields.

NSE consults hi-tech organizations and other software/hardware companies on project management, programming, algorithms, Software architecture and more... 

NSE provides courses in software design, data security, networking and communications, and Multimedia authoring.

NSE develops and supports leading Virus-Protection technology, embedded in InVircible and the late ViGUARD and V-care. These Antivirus products are the only ones in the world - capable of automatically detecting, removing and learning new unknown viruses.

NSE authors several multimedia titles, and CBT programs. "3D PC Explorer" (3d exploration of the PC internal structure), "Articula" (3 linguistic games).

NSE develops embedded software, for microprocessor based electronic devices. For military, commercial, or general use.